Trump, Year One: The Alt-Bro Perspective (feat. Surprise Guest)

It’s a little after one year since Donald J Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America.

In this episode, I’m joined by a surprise guest (hint: he’s visiting from Chicago) as we talk about Trump’s first year as president, the #metoo movement, Hollywood, and accountability.

Show Notes

  • I reveal our surprise guest [01:19]
  • The luxuries of living in a Muslim country only a Muslim can truly appreciated [02:00]
  • The one unique trait of Dubai making it the #1 destination for Muslims in the West who want to migrate to a Muslim country [04:00]
  • Reclaiming the Alt-Bro…from pejorative to positive [05:30]
  • The fundamental error Muslim men make when defining masculinity that makes them deficient in their manhood [09:18]
  • Who decides the worth and quality of a man? [11:48]
  • The two core attributes of men that, when devalued, lead to a complete breakdown in society [14:00]
  • Trumpian communication in context…what the hell is he saying? [15:50]
  • So, how did Trump’s first year go? What did he achieve? Where did he fail? How are people reacting to it? [17:00]
  • When you frame Trump’s policy-making this way it all makes sense (and the two books where he tells you, “this is what I’m doing”) [24:25]
  • The true meaning of the #metoo movement almost no one will admit [28:10]
  • How many da’ees and shuyukh are #metoo victims? [31:30]
  • The double standard and faulty logic of women’s “empowerment” [32:40]
  • The one natural trait women should embrace to get the best out of the men in their lives [35:18]
  • A perfect, very recent example of double standards in action – Asmi Fathelbab and Linda Sarsour [36:25]
  • A disturbing trend in the behavior of some American da’ees and shuyukh, even though they have trained extensively in our Sacred Tradition [45:20]
  • Muru’ah – propriety; the type of permissible behavior that is allowed for different ranks of men, and what kind of behavior violates muru’ah [49:00]
  • The one solution to the current situation of the Ummah that most Muslims will dismiss [52:10]
  • Our guest gives out some final parting advice [55:20]

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2 comments… add one
  • Abdul Kareem Jan 20, 2018 @ 21:42

    You should probably do a separate episode or post about the advantages vs. disadvantages of living in the West vs. a Muslim country vs. the third world. I am at a crossroads right now and unable to decide completely.

    Living in a developed Muslim country like in the. Middle East is an attractive option, but aren’t they very immigration unfriendly? My parents worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years but were kicked out as their jobs were given to Saudis. Even in other Gulf countries, there are hardly any options for naturalization. There’s also the question if the future of children if born there. I haven’t seen many content creators from the Middle East, perhaps you could shed more light on this. I’m sure a lot of people would be interested.

    • Nabeel Azeez Jan 21, 2018 @ 8:56

      Jazakallahu khairan for dropping by and leaving a comment, Abdul Kareem.

      This is an interesting topic but I don’t like spending too much time on it. Muslims generally get very emotional when it is brought up and lose sight of the big picture.

      Obviously there are a lot of moving parts and it’s not a black-and-white issue, but there is not doubt that, directionally, living in a Muslim country is better for your own religion AND also the religion of your descendants.

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