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The Seeker’s Regalia

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An abridged translation of Hilyat Talib Al-Ilm by Bakr Abu Zayd. This is a book I worked on years ago when I helped my teacher prepare material for an Islamic studies course.

I worked with the original translation. My teacher asked me to summarize it. I must have spent weeks trying to capture the essence of translation in simple English. In some cases, the translator’s English was so weird, I had to go back to the original Arabic and re-translate.

By the time I finished, over 90% of the translation was written in my own words. It wasn’t a summary of a translation. It was an original work in-and-of-itself. An abridged translation of original work.

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The Alpha Muslim Mindset (FREE)

Learn how to “think like a Muslim” with the 5 most important lessons I’ve learned in 10+ years of studying and implementing Islam.

You’ll discover:

  • How to orient yourself to Allah in less than a second so you can turn random, everyday actions into acts of worship.
  • The ultimate realization to completely transform your relationship with Allah.
  • A 2-step method any Muslim can start today to become a “Friend of Allah.”
  • The #1 word you need to reach your full potential in all areas of life.
  • How to use the ONE supplication most recited by Rasulullah ﷺ to bulletproof your faith from Doubts.

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