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Muslim Masculinity, Raw And Unfiltered

If you’re a Muslim man and you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you’re in the right place:

  • Where can I find content online produced by Muslim men for Muslim men?
  • Where can I find practical advice on the day-to-day issues that I face as a Muslim man?
  • Where do I find Islamic content that isn’t constantly berating Muslim men for being oppressive misogynists?

How often have you felt like Islamic content online is too abstract, too generic or doesn’t relate to you at all? Or felt a deep desire to make a change in your life but you just couldn’t find the right kind of information? Or you were overwhelmed by TONS of contradictory information?

Here’s the thing…

I’m not interested in the cookie-cutter advice that you’ve heard repeated a million times on every Islamic website. Nebulous advice like ‘have taqwa,’ ‘make dua,’ or ‘do dhikr.’ Yes, these are all VITALLY important and you SHOULD be doing them.

But then what?

Where are the websites giving you actionable advice leading to real results in your day-to-day? Where are the websites addressing the difficulties faced by Muslim men who want to stay true to their faith while accommodating practical realities?

Over the past ten years, after rediscovering my faith, I made every mistake in the book trying to implement the advice I found on Islamic websites. Mistakes other men in a similar position don’t need to make. Not if they have a resource like Becoming the Alpha Muslim.

Today, by the grace of Allah alone, I’m at the point where even though I OFTEN fall short being the best Muslim, my faith is bulletproof. I learned how to THINK like a Muslim. And I want to show you how.

Are you ready to begin your journey of self-improvement? Here’s what to do next

Go through my FREE 5-day mini-course, The Alpha Muslim Mindset.

You’ll get the 5 key lessons that completely transformed my understanding of Islam.

Here’s what you’ll discover as you go through the course:

  • How to orient yourself to Allah in one second and turn random, everyday actions into acts of worship
  • The ultimate realization to completely transform your relationship with Allah
  • The 2-step strategy any Muslim can immediately implement to eventually a Friend of Allah
  • The #1 word you need to internalize to reach your full material and spiritual potential
  • How to use the ONE supplication most recited by Rasulullah ﷺ to bulletproof your faith from Doubts

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